Ambient sound loop – Final Tracks

These are the two final Sound loops for the brief I was given.

The theme I set for my racing game audio loops was London on fire.

For the main melody of both tracks, I use my piano and connected it to my laptop and played around with different chords and scales to find something that I liked. Then, using Garageband, I recored those notes and changed the instruments to what seemed appropriate.

After I had arranged a percussion beat to go with the tracks, I exported the music as an mp3 file and imported it into Audition to rearrange the music and change the filter and EQ using the Graphic Equalizer (10 bands). Then, I used fire noises taken from to fit the theme. I also added extra sounds to each track like an ambulance (which I recorded while walking home), the car engines ( recorded on my phone when sitting in my dad and mums car) and the helicopter (gained from teacher).

The First loop is more upbeat and has a faster tempo of around 197 bpm (when I made the melody in garageband.) I also altered the stereo balance in certain parts of the track so some of the sounds won’t clump together.



The second loop has a tempo of 58 bpm. At the end, the track fades out and starts again.

For the people screaming, I recorded the sounds from multiple games and tv and mashed them together to get the effect of people screaming. This track is a little more sinister with the music being a little more dark and the screams of the people presenting misery and death.


If I were to do this brief again, I would try using different a different theme. I could use a futuristic setting, use fast paced techno instruments to match the theme and include different sound effects from the environment and the area around the race track.