Retro Games – Research


Sonic the Hedgehog, the original game, is a 2D platforming  game in which the goal is for Sonic (protagonist) to stop Dr. Robotnic (antagonist) from turning the woodland creatures into robots, for his plan to take over the world, and free them.

The main objective in each level is to reach the goal at the end of each scene while collecting as many coins as you can. There are many hazards such as spikes, cliffs and Robotics robots which attack you. When you get hit by any of those multiple things could happen; if you have collected coins, you loose them if you take damage; if you have no coins, you loose a life. This platforming game does not have a health bar for the character as the penalty for taking damage is you loosing the coins you collected. The Timer is there to determine how quickly you complete each act and it can determine your overall score in the end of the act.

While controlling sonic, you gradually get faster automatically while running which allows you to get to higher ground and avoid more dangers and collect more bonuses. And if you run slower, you end up lower down on the map with a higher percentage of enemies and hazards. However, you can combat the enemies as Sonics jump is a spin.

Rayman was a platforming game which involved you playing as Rayman and the objective in this game is for you to free all the electoons and beat Mister Dark’s minions across the  different worlds in the game. Once you have freed all of the electoons then you will be able to face of Mister dark in his Candy Chateau.

There are blue orbs called Tings which layman can collect, when he collects 100 he will gain a bonus life. He can also sell them to the magician unlock a bonus round. However, once you die, you loose all of your Tings.

Rahman can obtain special powers and bonuses as well, including a golden punching fist, a  faster punching fist, flying elves which allow him to  change his size and power to restore his lost life energy.

Kirby Superstar – released March 21, 1996 in Japan on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Kirby Superstar was another platforming game in which there were different levels and goals. There were seven main modes in which all were different, expanding the experience you can have when you play it. On of them is called Spring Breeze, in which you have to make it to King Dedede’s castle and challenge him as he has taken all the food from the residents of Dreamland.

kirby is a charachter with many different abilities, which include his ability to inhale objects into his body and spit them out, which helps to remove certain obstacles in the game. Kirby can even suck in certain enemies and gain their abilities, such as fire and ninja powers.