Viral Campaigns

evian-live-young1.jpgThis is an image from the advert for Evian water the video is called ‘Roller Babies’ and it’s in the Guinness world records as the most viral video of all time.


Compare the Meerkat adverts are for car insurance. They are funny and catchy because of the way Alexander goes “Simples *squeak*”

This advert is for Little Baby’s Ice Cream. It’s viral because it is weird and no other ice cream ad is like it. It is creepy, funny and cringeworthy.


VMA’s 2015 – Niki Minaj vs Miley Cyrus:

nicki2-1441031732 (1).gif

At the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) Niki called out Miley on things she said about her in the news. After that, the phrase “Miley, what’s good?” has been used repeatedly and the VMA’s gained more views from people who hadn’t watched it.

This is Pentatonix, a 5 person accapella group who won the sing off in 2011 and have produced medleys of songs. Their ideos are viral because they only use their voices to recreate videos and they manage to create amazing music and videos, such as their Daft Punk video, or their Evolution of Music video. This video promotes their ‘PTX, Vol. II’ Album.


John Lewis x-mas ad:

John lewis Christmas ads are well known in the world because each ear they make another imaginative advert. In previous years they made one about the life of a snowman, a day with a penguin and a story of a bear and a rabbit. They recently made one with a man on the moon and he message was to show someone they’re loved at Christmas.


Salad Fingers:

This viral video it know for its phrases and twisted humor. The main character ‘salad fingers’ is a creepy character with a eery voice who is in a world where nothing is normal. The animation is known for him saying “I like rusty spoons…” which entranced people and they spread it around like a wild fire which made it widely known for its diverse style.


This advert is from the Save the Children charity and it represents the problems happening in Syria if they were to happen in England. The message of the video makes the viewer feel sympathy and guilt for the people who are out in Syria. It creates a response that makes people watch the video because its devastating and it tells people what is happening to other people in the world and can show people how ignorant they are of others.

The Go Compare adverts, for insurance, are infamous for the ‘opera singer’ in each advert. In the first few adverts where he sang, it was a little funny because it was a new idea. However, in every advert after that he kept appearing and it became repetitive and boring and the adverts became infamous.



This advert is for Cadbury’s chocolate. It is quite an old advert but it well known because of the gorilla playing the drums. The advert itself says nothing about chocolate except at the end of the advert where it has a picure of Cadbury’s chocolate bar. It is strange but it was memorable causing it to go viral.