After Effects – Flowing Grass Experiment

I was given the task of creating a setting with animated grass that flowed like a breeze came along.

To do this, I had to import an image of grass into After Effects. I then made a new composition and placed the grass image into that composition. Then, I had to make the grass move. To do this I went to the effects panel and dragged the slant effect onto the grass. I then moved the anchor point to the bottom centre of my image so it gains more natural movement. After this, I then alt clicked on the CC slant stopwatch in the layers and that allowed me to incorporate ‘wiggle (0.5,15)’. This command makes the grass sway from side to side and gives it a natural flow in the animation.

I applied this trick to other grass and some flowers (which I placed in a single composition and gave them all the same anchor point) to make the whole scene more full.

As well as adding clouds and a bird which was a gif and I removed the alpha channel when i imported it into my animation to get rid of the original white background.